Elsies community piemp where the guns is

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Congratulations Elsies River SAPS

Saturday 12 January 2019 at 20:00 the Tactical response team attached to Operation Thunder and the Elsie River crime prevention unit responded to shooting incidents in the Avonwood residential area.

The members responded swiftly and contained the volitile area. The community seemingly had enough of the violence and reported that gang members had been firing shots from the roof tops of the four storey residential flats and that the possibility of firearms was hidden and left on top of the roof.

SAPS highly trained members and specialized unit secured the area and then proceeded to follow up information of firearms hidden on the roof of the four storey flat.

What was found
SAPS Members got on top of the roof and recovered
Four firearms with serial numbers filed off,
1x cz75 pistol
1x 9mm short pistol
1x .22 pistol
1x .38 revolver

181 assorted calbre of ammunition
9mm short x 22
Shotgun 12 gauge x 15
.38 rounds x 39
.22 rounds x 105

The firearms and ammunition will be sent for ballistic testing to secure any evidence that these weapons were used in the commission of other crimes.

No arrest were made and the recovery of these weapons will surely ensure that less weapons are in Elsies River Policing Precinct, meaning untold lives have been saved.

Brigadier Sonjani commended the members for their dedicated and loyal commitment ensuring the safety of the community and he expresses his gratitude to community members who reported the incident that lead to the recovery of cache of firearms and ammunition.

Reward for information
Anyone with information that will lead to the successful arrest of gang members involved with murders and gang violence and confiscation of firearms and ammunition will be financially rewarded.
They can contact Elsies River SAPS 021 9281400 or crime stop 0860010111.


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