Fake cops caught in Cape Town

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Does this look like police man lmklaaa more pictures online.

As jy enige van die platbekke would be police recognise get in touch

Two suspects, ISMAIL Williams, 74-07-22 from Hillview, 26 gang general and Manual Williams, 73-03-15, Lavender Hill, 26 gang was found 03:25 this morning at Club 7, c/o Loop and Prestwick Street in police uniform pretending to be cops. They drove a cream Golf with silver mags, blue bonnet and front. False number plates Ca155188. True number Cf202823. Manuel was in possession of a Walther P38, with 8 bullets. He wanted to draw the gun when confronted. Number of gun filed off. They don’t want to Sy why they were looking for club owner Mr. Vincent.


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