Farmer loses farm to heavy rains | Phoenix Sun

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Farmer loses farm to heavy rains | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

Shaun Balram lost a year’s worth of plantation after this weekend’s heavy rains.
The 55-year-old pensioner said he teared up at the sight of the damage the rain made to his small-scale farm.
“I woke up to a number of missed calls from one of my employees. I didn’t think much of them. It was only after I got to the farm that I understood the urgency of my employee’s calls,” Balram said.
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The Verulam resident said that the damage was much more than what he had initially invested into his farm.

“I am more worried about the well-being of my employees than my own. I had to cut down on the number of employees on my farm. I had 10 employees working under me and I now have five. I hope that I will not be forced to cut down on more, looking at the damage the rain left on my farm,” Balram said.
He opened up about other incidents where the rain had devastating effects on his farm.
“All the times the rain had damaged my farm, it could be reversed. This time around the damage was too extensive. Nothing can be repaired but it has to be replaced,” Balram said.
The pensioner farmer lost a number of irrigation piping up stands, bows, sprinklers, and plastic pipings.
“The rain drowned and killed many of my watercress plants, loafers, bananas, pumpkins, spring onions, herb beds and different types of okra and green beans,” Balram said.
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The farmer pleads with community members and the Department of Agriculture to help him in his tribulation. “I am urging anyone from the Department of Agriculture to assist me in any way possible,” Balram said.
Members of the community who wish to assist Shaun Balram can contact him on 076-978-0241 or even email him on [email protected]
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