Feedy Needy launches back to school campaign

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Feedy Needy launches back to school campaign

Phoenix Durban

Feedy Needy is an organisation that strives to uplift the underprivileged through various programmes.
The group strives to bring joy to underprivileged communities and makes it their duty to bring back the dignity to those that are less fortunate.
“We all know that education is the key to a child’s success in life, but sadly for many, they simply don’t have the proper tools to ensure they can achieve their potential or even study at all, but with your help we can make the transition easier by ensuring these children are well equipped and ready to learn.  These children may not have had a proper school bag or stationery, uniform, lunchbox or drink bottle. Vulnerable children need every opportunity possible to be successful in their education journey, providing the tools for school life is a simple first step to improving a child’s chances for success,” the organisation stated.

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In order to achieve our objectives of distributing 5000 stationery packs, members once again appeal to the public for a donation.
A stationery pack excluding uniform will be R300 and a pack with uniform amounts to R500.
The organisation requires the following items to make a stationery pack: bags, lunch box and juice bottle, pencil case, pencils, glue sticks/pritt, rulers, crayon pens (blue, black, red), scissors, flip files, books, erasers/sharpener, activity books, uniforms (old and new), school shoes (old or new).
Donated items can be dropped off at 28 Penelope Street, Phoenix Highway, Phoenix between 8am to 5pm.
Alternatively, contact the Feedy Needy offices to arrange a pick-up. For more information, call 031 824-6501, 031 825-3880, 073-349-1950 or email [email protected]


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