Former Phoenix businessman brings honour to SA

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Phoenix Durban

Former Phoenix resident, Roger Latchman, was awarded the ‘Ulaga Thamizhar Maamani’ (Crown Jewel of World Tamils) award.

South African businessman, Roger Latchman, was awarded the ‘Ulaga Thamizhar Maamani’ (Crown Jewel of World Tamils) award in India recently.
Latchman is a chartered director, a designation awarded by the Institute of Directors in South Africa.
Latchman is a self-made businessman, hailing from a poor family in Phoenix, Durban, whose mother worked for a clothing factory and father was a artisan. He was not able to study full-time at university, but has done many programmes to further his knowledge when he had the funds to do so himself.
Now regarded as a highly respected businessman, he resides in Johannesburg with interests are in black economic empowerment and in skills development.
He previously served as the deputy chairman of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) and is currently an invited member of the Bretton Woods Committee, an organisation headquartered in Washington DC, which controls the activities of the World Bank and its other institutions.

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At the age of 52, he does not stop learning, as he is currently enrolled for a one-year programme in Applied Directorship.
In 2017, he graduated from the GIBS Business School having completed the prestigious Global Executive Development Programme.
He has attended various other international programmes, including a trade and investment programme at the world famous Kommers Kollegium in Stockholm at the invitation of the Swedish Government.
Latchman was singled out for the coveted award at the Pondicherry Global Economic Conference and Fifth World Tamil Economic Forum that provided a platform for business people from throughout the world to discuss issues related to commerce, culture and network among mainly the Tamil diaspora.
This event was attended by world leaders in business and politics.
He was given the award by World Tamil Economic Foundation and was issued with a certificate, a trophy and dressed in traditional ponari by the President of Mauritius, the Prime Minister of Guyana (South America) and the Chief Minister of Pondicherry (India).
A well earned award as Latchman contributes immensely to the community which involves poverty alleviation programmes and job creation initiatives amongst others.


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