Fortnite Funko Pops hit South African shores

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Fortnite Funko Pops hit South African shores

Phoenix Durban

Fortnite has become a worldwide phenomenon in the world of gaming and the Battle Royale game mode has drawn over 125 million players worldwide in less than a year!
In the game, players can gather materials to create defensive fortifications around an objective or trap-filled tunnels to lure unsuspecting enemies to.
In Battle Royale mode, players can quickly traverse the map; protect themselves from enemy fire, or just delay an advancing foe by means of building obstacles and structures from gathered materials.
Players are encouraged to be very creative in designing their fortifications. Although Fortnite is a shooter game, it highly promotes creativity and the most creative and clever methods tend to be that of the winner. 

Any gamer in the country knows of, or has played Fortnite and Funko has come on board to bring South African players the collectables of their favourite Fortnite avatars.
The following Funko POP characters have been released to SA, just in time for Christmas:
Drift: Journey into the unknown, and find your way to victory.
Ragnarok:  The cold harbinger of fate.
Dark Vangaurd:  Exploring the outer limits.
Valor:  A beacon for hope.
Havoc:  Striking fear into the opposition.
Tricera-Ops:  Sink your teeth into victory.
Sparkle specialist:  It’s time to shine!
Zoey:  Candy-coated chaos.
Burnout:  All roads lead to victory.
Raven:  Brooding master of dark skies
If you want to have your character with you at all times, there are Funko Keychains that can accompany you anywhere, of all the same characters.
Credit: Digital Street SA

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