From a concerned resident. Wednesday 21 November Good Evening, A shop in Welcome Est.…

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From a concerned resident.
Wednesday 21 November

Good Evening,
A shop in Welcome Est.
The tenant of the shop got assaulted by a youngster from a neighbouring area while his friends were from the area.
Two street security guards attended to the incident. A member of the Nhw Watch asked for assistance to sort out the issue. Witch they did. They were told that the youngster that did it is from a neighbouring area and has gone home. The parents and youngsters were warned and reprimanded.
A case of assault is pending.

In the area as in other areas broadly, there are youngsters being recruited to get into and become gangster’s or criminals. There are individuals that are tasked to do this and there are individuals that try and start their own gang following. Its in the parents interests to monitor their children’s behavior patterns for not only these but for any and every detail that might give them the parents a sign that their kids are going down the wrong paths. Once they are set on these paths its hard for them the parents to get their beloved children back again.
It has come to light that their are parents that forcibly send the kids out to do crime to sustain their income and living needs. This is sad but true.
As we live in a crime ridden environment and society its imperative that we look out for one another to make this a better place to live in for everyone.
Thank you.

From a concerned resident !

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