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The Inspector-General of Intelligence is investigating a
complaint by Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba that his cellphone was hacked “based
on an incident in 2017″.Advocate Jay Govender, legal advisor in the office of the
inspector-general, confirmed to News24 that Gigaba laid a complaint on May 4,
2018.Vuyo Mkhize, personal spokesperson to Gigaba, said he first
alerted the Department of State Security in the same month that he was being
blackmailed.A 13-second video emerged on Sunday which showed Gigaba alone
engaging in a sexual act.He pre-empted the video’s release by publishing a series of
tweets apologising to his family and friends.He said the video was meant for his wife, Noma, but that he never
sent the recording to her and that it had been obtained illegally. It is unclear
when the video was made.Mkhize said Gigaba first alerted the State Security Agency
that his phone had been illegally accessed.He later handed them documentary information which Gigaba
said proved that his phone had been hacked.”They [the hackers] initially demanded cash, and when
that didn’t work, they wanted Gigaba to use his influence as minister to
facilitate business opportunities,” said Mkhize.The alleged blackmailers’ identities were unknown to Gigaba.”Even if the minister agreed to help them with whatever
they wanted, it would have been impossible because they contacted him
anonymously. We hired investigators to look at the matter and identified two
individuals who we believe are involved. There was, however, nothing conclusive
to link them and trust that the authorities will be able to make the
link,” Mkhize told News24.The first attempts to blackmail Gigaba were made in April
and May 2017, Mkhize said.He reported the matter to State Security in May and June
2017.Gigaba replaced Pravin Gordhan as Minister of Finance in
March 2017.His stated objective then was to stabilise the country’s
finances and attempt to give policy certainty.SOURCE: NEWS24


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