Good Evening ,All. Need some help,please. On saturday(30 March 2019) i took my dog…

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Port Elizabeth

Good Evening ,All. Need some help,please.

On saturday(30 March 2019) i took my dog to a known vet in PE(wont mention name untill i know what i can do). Waited for about 5 hours to be helped, finally it was our turn. As soon as we walked in, the vet put a muzzle on my dog(i did not mind at all).

Dog is 45kg,struggled to get dog on counter as dog is heavy,dog was moving alot on the table as he was scared,nervous and not use to a muzzle… the Vet assistant did not really help at all,so my dog fell of the table, got dog back on so please do keep in mind that now my dog is more scared..

Vet started shouting at my dog as my dog is moving abit on the table, then all of a sudden he hit my dog againts the head with his hand(hard)…

So of cause now my dog is so scared and confused , i walked out as if i stayed,i wouldve prob smacked him hard. Husband stayed with dog.

Sunday i went to police, they could not help,said its not abuse,its called manners(whatever).

Monday 1 April i found the SA Vet Coucil,they said i must talk to the vet.

So today i phoned vet and spoke to manager and logged my complaint.

Not even 2 hours later,the vet phoned me and wanted to speak to me…

He said the dog is not “disciplined” because i am not “disciplined”. Ofcause i started getting upset, then he said im a “spoiled brat” and that i need to be “disciplined” and he was trying to discipline my dog for me (by hitting my dog againts the head). I told him he had no right to do that. Then he said that im a “disappointment” to my parents and my dog is a “disappointment” cause of me….

Manager phoned me this afternoon and said “Melissa, just let it go”… NO I WONT…who can i contact regarding this,please????
Just need to know who i can speak to please…



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5 comments on “Good Evening ,All. Need some help,please. On saturday(30 March 2019) i took my dog…

  1. Shocking! Poor dog must’ve been so traumatised 😢 so sorry that you had to endure that kind of treatment 🤗

  2. Kan man hom nie aan gee by die spca nie ander sins behoort kan hulle jou dalk na die regte plek verwys. Dus nou dieselfse as n pasient op n bed le en die nurse gee jou n klap teen jou kom. Dus mos nie hoe mens tewerke gaan nie. Hy hoort dan nie by n vet te werk as hy nie n diere liefhebber is nie

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