Harmless dye tracer fluid or toxic waste? What do you think? City of Cape…

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Harmless dye tracer fluid or toxic waste? What do you think?

City of Cape Town – has anyone bothered taking a sample for testing or is this national government’s fault & problem?


Please see below the official reply from the City of Cape Town, Note: this is not a “story” and although we would all like it to be harmless tracing dye it is not, and as suspected remains coolant and is TOXIC. Please refrain from making unnecessary and derogatory statements. The point of this post is informative and to give those of us who care an opportunity to make a change.
Hi, we appreciate your interest and concern. We have identified the green liquid as a coolant used for commercial building cooling systems. These coolants may also appear in blue and pink. We have identified most of the main manufacturers of this substance, as well as the companies that service commercial building cooling systems in the Cape Town area. These companies are responsible for correctly disposing of excess or used coolant when servicing cooling systems.

We will be engaging with the various companies with the intention of making them aware of their responsibilities and the fact that it is illegal to discharge this substance in to the City’s stormwater system.

We will also distribute information to residents and businesses in the Sea Point, Green Point and Camps Bay areas with the intention to:
• Inform the public of the challenges we are facing with regard to pollutants being discharged into the stormwater system and the consequences this has for water quality in the coastal environment
• Inform residents and businesses of where and how to discharge various waste household and commercial waste products in accordance with the City’s standards
• Provide a range of City contact numbers and email addresses for the public to use should they witness any illegal discharge of substances into the stormwater system

Thank you so much for contacting us.


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5 comments on “Harmless dye tracer fluid or toxic waste? What do you think? City of Cape…

  1. The South African Bureau of Standards have closed down, due to poor management and corruption. I have a serious bitch with LANCET Laboratories, but they cannot answer the simple question, when last their labs were certificated. They made a HUGE mistake with my wife’s blood readings, that nearly cost her life. I have been waiting for LANCET to get back to me.

  2. They too busy with wasting money on court cases to be interested in anything else. Amazing how everything needs to be brought to their attention. Do their own staff never see things going on around them?

  3. Concrete the outlet it will build up and then just look for a green street and boom you have him!

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