HCW/Vetus Schola proudly supports Immediate Medical

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HCW/Vetus Schola proudly supports Immediate Medical


HCW/Vetus Schola proudly supports Immediate Medical.

Immediate Medical

Dear Mr Notron and Mr Lamprecht

We want to thank you as management for your service you and your team provide to us.

Can you please give our gratitude to your staff members Frikkie van der Westhuizen and Wijnand Otto?

For assisting us today in the Emergency Department
During their hand over of another patient, we received 3 red critical ill patients, and without hesitation your staff member Frikkie van der Westhuizen
Assisted us in stabilizing one of the red patients. Frikkie inserted the Intravenous line and gave most needed assistance to staff and Doctor and moving the patient into the resus room, while you’re other staff member Wijnand stayed at their patient bed site until the nursing staff was able to take handover from him.

It is such a pleasure to work with such pleasant, helpful and polite paramedics and we want to recognise their help and professionalism
Please ensure that they receive our sincere thanks from all members of the Emergency Department .

Kind Regards

Louise Van Vuuren
Emercency Center Senior Proffesional Nurse


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