Heideveld gang update and warning

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Heideveld what lead to the shooting

After a community march against gangsterism in Heideveld there was a call for peace within this vicinity by the two rival gangs namely the Junior Mafia kids and the Americans. There was sporadic shooting the past month from the Junior Mafia taunting the American gang into gangwar eventually a American gang member was gunned down 3 weeks ago which activate the call for a community march against the current shootings. This leads to a peace meeting between the two mentioned rivals where Lucien a Junior Mafia member gunned down a leading figure of the Americans “kaptein” and wounding another one in the so called peace agreement.

We happy with the visible deployment of the Anti gang unit within the area after the killing of the gang member and reactivate our whatsgroups to focus on helping saps to prevent further bloodshed. At this stage we can say it’s Zero Mafias gangmembers at they stronghold at Roza court.and a high visibility of American and West side gang members.visible across Heideveld moving in huge groups at night time.


People from the area is welcome to join the groups under a alias to promote peace. Currently the police give R5000 per firearm we need to defuse this situation as fast as possible.


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