Help husband, police locate missing wife | Middelburg Observer

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Help husband, police locate missing wife | Middelburg Observer

Phoenix Durban

Ludes Mario Mazive has last spoken to her husband on Friday 12 July.

Johan Sibusiso Duba, originally from Mozambique, told police in Hendrina that his wife Ludes Mario Mazive traveled to Mozambique on 9 July. She entered South Africa again on Friday 12 July.
Mr Duba spoke to his wife during the day when she informed him that she was passing through Nelspuit. He tried to call her again at around 18:00 but her phone just rang. Mr Duba said that he was not worried at the time because he assumed that his wife did not hear her phone because of noise in the taxi.
Ludes Mario Mazive’s husband is convinced that something happened to her.
At around 21:00 Mr Duba attempted to phone his wife for a second time. Her phone was off.
Ms Mazive has not been seen or heard of since.
Mr Duba said that his wife is not the type of person to dissappear without a trace and he is convinced that something happened to her.
If you have seen Mz Mazive or have any information that might assist police, contact Const. Thulani Khanyi on 076 382 8838.

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