Help needed after accident in Warden

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Help needed after accident in Warden

Phoenix Durban

SPEEDY RECOVERY: Her mother, Carla, wrote below her picture on Facebook: My beautiful Kassandra needs your help.

ANTONIO Rex from the South asked the COURIER to help his friend Kassandra Viegas (21) who was in a terrible accident on December 24 last year in Warden.
Kassandra and her three friends were travelling back to Johannesburg from Durban when the vehicle’s rear tyre burst causing the accident. One of her friends died and Kassandra was flung out of the car as it rolled to the embankment.
Her mother, Carla Viegas related the story to the Southern COURIER during a visit at Selby Park Hospital on February 12.
“I received a call that I must come urgently to a hospital in Harrismith. This is where my daughter was taken after the accident. Her injuries were severe, they included head trauma (neuro cells), pelvis fracture, punctured lung, broken ribs, collapsed liver, kidney trauma, facial structure fractures and broken jawline. She had second-degree burns as she was flung out of the car.
“I must commend a couple and a tow truck driver who stopped and helped them. Without their help I don’t think she could have pulled through. To Rickus Putter (husband) and Jaco (tow truck driver), thank you. My daughter was in a critical condition for 48 hours, but she fought for her life. God is great,” she said.
Kassandra was then moved to Modderfontein for jaw surgery and then moved to Selby Park Hospital on January 28 where she is recuperating.
Her mother told the COURIER that her recovery is costing them a lot since they don’t have medical aid.

“Basically we are struggling financially and we need help. For instance, besides other things, her monthly medication NeuroAid is costing R8 700 and we are told she could spend six to eight months here. We will also need a wheelchair and crutches.
“In all this time I am glad that Kassandra is strong and she is eager to go out of here and live her normal life. We are in a process of opening a trust account for her but, in the meantime, people who want to help her can contact me directly on 073 222 4055,” pleaded Carla.
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