Hi everyone, We need clarify a few things pertaining to The Bikers and the…

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Hi everyone,
We need clarify a few things pertaining to The Bikers and the Vwnhw , Patrolling situation

The Bikers .
They are a stand alone entity by themselves and is not part of the Vwnhw. “The Bikers ” do community patrolling under an OB number that is acquired by SAPS Manenberg. This OB number is registered as under Vwnhw Patrol done by,
The Bikers.
The Bikers have been doing the Biker Patrols in Vanguard & Welcome for more than two years now, not as the Nhw Patrollers but as
The Biker Patrol
On our return to Patrolling due to community concerns about why The Bikers aren’t Patrolling!
It was advertised that
The Bikers, will continue with patrols. As The Bikers.
Of witch, some of the Nhw members took exception to.

The Vanguard & Welcome Neighbourhood Watch.
Has been allocated five NHW Patrol Bicycle’s from the City Of Cape Town for their Bike Patrols witch they allocated to their Patrol Members. The onus is then on their Leadership to get their Patrollers out to patrol.

The Nhw Bike Patrollers wear the Reflective Bibs with the “Neighbourhood Watch” insignia on their backs for visibility.
These are the Nhw Bike Patrollers.

The Bikers are in the process of acquiring funding and sponsorship for them. They have systems in place for this process.

So your area will have The Bikers and Nhw Bike Patrollers.

PS. Some of The Bikers do do patrols as Nhw Bike Patrollers.



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