Hi there. A few weeks ago one of our neighbours found 2 guys in…

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Hi there. A few weeks ago one of our neighbours found 2 guys in his back yard at night trying to get in. Last night our other neighbour was attacked in her house in Sussex Road. They stole her car and her dog. They got the dog back, but now we are terrified as they were in her garden waiting for her to take her dog out. What can we do about this? Or who can we talk to to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

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5 comments on “Hi there. A few weeks ago one of our neighbours found 2 guys in…

  1. Hi Carla,

    Sorry to hear about your neighbours hectic experiences.

    1. Report each and every incident to both the cops & Obsid Public Safety on 021 447-1066 and this may result in extra patrols in Sussex Road from Saps and Obsid.
    2. If feasible have external beams installed as an early warning. Even use them in the day if you not using the yard
    3. Get to know all your neighbours in the street, together you see and hear more.
    4. Join the Sussex WhatsApp (WA) Group in order to be able to alert all your neighbour in case of emergency.

    It seems your area from Wrench / LMR / Main Road suffered increased crimes with three WA start-ups Group in last month(s).

    To join a WA group send a PM from this page giving 1. Name 2. Address+No 3. Mobile No and 4. Email Address

    Happy to answer any more questions you may have.

  2. Thank you for the prompt reply. I will PM you now. Do we need to get in contact with Obsid? We are fairly new here so not too sure how the security works?

  3. Morning Carla reported the incident to Obsid and overheard on the radio that they were instructed to patrol your immediate area last night thus reporting does help also the cops were noticed to patrol your area.

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