History of Phoenix buses to be revived

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History of Phoenix buses to be revived

Phoenix Durban

Since 1976, the buses in Phoenix have played a pivotal role in the suburbs development.
In an attempt to capture this history, acclaimed author and bus researcher, Zainul Aberdeen would like the community of Phoenix to assist in providing any nostalgic memories they experienced on the buses.
Aberdeen was the first author to publish a book on the topic buses in 2012.

The book, ‘Indian Buses, the History, the Memories, the Personalities’ evoked memories of a past close to the heart of the communities in Durban. The book touched on all aspects including the people that printed bus tickets.
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Phoenix, a suburb on its own, was a high speed housing project and it needed a transport system, aside from the trains, for commuters.
The book attempts to capture a wide range of bus topics from the drivers, mechanics to the conductors and rank managers.
The suburb of Phoenix is a unique place with a flamboyant and interesting past and a bright future.
If you are willing to contribute by sharing your memories or pictures, email [email protected] or call 084-574-4436.


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