Husband beaten up during tavern robbery | Phoenix Sun

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Husband beaten up during tavern robbery | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

A tavern and a petrol station were targeted by armed robbers in the Phoenix area, recently.
In the first incident, it is alleged by the complainant that he was on duty at his work place, a petrol garage in the industrial park area.
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He was then approached by a man, who was unknown to him, who gave him R50 and asked for R15 airtime. He informed the said male that he only had R10 airtime and gave him his airtime.
Suddenly, the man pulled out a firearm and pointed it at him. He demanded for the safe keys. The victim informed the suspect that he does not have a safe.
He then noticed that there were four suspects. The other three assailants started packing cigarettes, removed cash and put it in their bag. The suspects then fled with the cash and cigarettes. No gun shots were fired and no one was injured.
This follows a recent incident in which the complainant alleges that she was at her place of residence at Mount Moriah Drive, where she operates her tavern business. Four unknown men entered the house.

Two of them produced firearms and told the complainant to keep quiet if she does not want to die.
They then took her to join her husband in the next room. One of the suspects put all the money from the till and the container into a black bag.
One of suspects then told them they were monitoring the tavern and that they know that they did not do banking and demanded more money.
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The suspects began assaulting the complainant’s husband and fired one gun shot. The complainant handed over R11, 000 from the bedroom wardrobe to the suspects.
The suspects then took a Hisense cellphone to the value of R2,000 and an Adidas cap of R250 and left. No one was injured during the robbery.
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