IC Update

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IC Update


IC Update

#BettysBayFire & #KoggelsBayFire Unified Command update 08/01/19 0900
Status: Partially contained with two active fire lines
The past 24h no futher injuries of structure losses have been reported.

#KoggelsBayFire – Division E
The overnight crews reported that City Fire prevented spread into the Steenbras Catchment Area with critical and successful intervention in the Koggel Bay Basin/Koel Bay. Further good news is that the fire burned around the City of Cape Town Biodiversity Unit’s offices and homes.
The top of the fire has however crested into the Steenbras catchment – still burning actively. All efforts today will be focused to stop the further spread of this line into the Steenbras catchment. Currently no structure or communities are threatened.

The fireline at Harold Porter Botanical Garden northwards into western sector of Kogelberg NR is still uncontained, while Voorberg southern aspect interface with semi-rural/urban boundary still contained.

Teams on Division A above Betty’s Bay did well overnight to contain the line in Disakloof. The back end of Div A is however still burning and teams will be trooped up in today’s operations to suppress and contain that line.

The good news is that Divisions’ B, C & F are still cold and fire services are monitoring these areas.

The Incident Action Plan* is drafted for critical operations in anticipation of Thurday’s wind change and spread in opposite direction.

* Definition: Incident Action Plans
Incident Action Plans (IAPs) ensure that everyone is working in concert toward the same goals set for that operational period by providing all incident supervisory personnel with direction for actions to be taken during the operational period identified in the plan. Incident Action Plans provide a coherent means of communicating the overall incident objectives for both operational and support activities. They include measurable strategic objectives to be achieved in a time frame called an Operational Period, which may be any interval of time but is commonly 12 hours.
At the simplest level, all Incident Action Plans must have four elements:

What do we want to do?
Who is responsible for doing it?
How do we communicate with each other?
What is the procedure if someone is injured?
The content of the IAP is organized by a number of standardized ICS forms that allow for accurate and precise documentation of an incident – Source Wikipedia

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