IFNASA POWER Greetings Friends, How will we as the so called Coloured People regain…

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IFNASA POWER Greetings Friends, How will we as the so called Coloured People regain…

Eldos Johannesburg


Greetings Friends,

How will we as the so called Coloured People regain our Power?

Since the new South Africa in 1994, the people called Coloureds have been seriously Compromised, Marginalized, Oppressed and place on the sidelines of all opportunities. We are not getting jobs or business tenders. We admit, a number of our People did benefit, however ever the majority of our People have been ignored and disrespected. This sense of Powerlessness cannot continue uncontested. We have to do something about the massive unemployment within our communities. We have do something about the drug abuse and alcohol abuse which is destroying our future.

The people called Coloureds will soon have to deal with their false identification. What the majority of so-called Coloureds don’t know is that the South African Human Rights Commission engaged in a ground breaking investigation into the Plight and Pain of our People and they made some heart warming discoveries and in a shocking Report which was released in March 2018. They held National Hearings on 25th – 26th November 2015; 9th – 10th December 2015; 18th January 2016; 11th – 12th and 14th – 15th April 2016. The chilling stories and accounts of dispossession our People experienced clearly demonstrate that the government is not willing to change the situation of our People.

The South African Human Rights Commission like the Public Protector is a Chapter 9 Institution, which means they were established in accordance with the South African Constitution and therefore All their findings are Legally Binding on government agencies.

The very first recommendation the report made was that the State President and the Department of Arts and Culture Must take steps on or before 31st March 2019 towards Removal of the forceful categorisation of Khoe and San People as “Coloured”.

So, we at IFNASA would like to invite you to join us as we go around the communities and the Country educating ourselves around our lost Identity which gives us “Power”. We lost Power when we were made Coloureds. By coming together we build Muscle and Power to change our own destiny.

We have had exciting meetings and our people are joining IFNASA POWER Membership in their numbers, so you don’t want to be left behind.

If you want to know more about your so-called Coloured Identity and if you would like to regain your Power, join IFNASA POWER platform TODAY and help us change the future of our People. If you can organize 10 people for a meeting at your house or at the local community center, please contact us on 0610845053 or email info@ifnasa.co.za and we will contact you soonest. Alternatively, you could go to www.ifnasa.co.za/ifnasapower and sign up as a member. We encourage you to get all your family and friends on the platform and let us show our Power.

We have opportunities for those who would like to become Agents. If you’re unemployed and you want to get involved in getting the People organized, contact us, we will give you something to do “Immediately”.

Please forward this message to all your family and friends. Let us make the Circle Bigger!!!

Much Appreciated!

The People Liberate Themselves!!!


Contact Number: 0610845053 (whatsapp)



The IFNASA POWER project is our response to the obvious barefaced marginalization and suppression of our Coloured People. Besides the twelve basic benefits that the IFNASA POWER platform will offer our community, a lot of opportunities and jobs will come from the initiative.

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