It’s no joke, Neville Pillay needs your help | Phoenix Sun

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It’s no joke, Neville Pillay needs your help | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

Help get Neville Pillay’s health back on track.

Family and friends of Phoenix-born and well-seasoned deejay, Neville Pillay, are organising a kidney transplant fundraiser following the local personality’s deteriorating health.
Pillay, the multi-faceted stand-up comedian, actor, movie producer and DJ, among other titles, spent the earliest years of his life in Phoenix.
“I was born and raised in Tin Town, which is now popularly known and referred to as Phoenix. The early years of my life were carved and sculptured in Phoenix. It was in Phoenix that I attended Swanvale Primary School and then completed my matric in Phoenix Secondary School,” Pillay said.
His love for radio flourished even more after he found himself working for a local community radio station.
“My career in radio started at Radio Phoenix, a local community radio station, where I advanced to another radio station called Jazz Station. After a few years of satisfying service, I worked for P4 radio station which is now known as Gagasi FM. From there, I spent a couple of years at East Coast Radio, before moving on to Lotus FM, thereafter Highveld Stereo and then I was back at Lotus FM again,” Pillay said.
Things took a turn when the well-established DJ’s health started deteriorating. With a declining kidney function, Pillay found himself in and out of the hospital with more health scares. Even with eight percent kidney function, damaged liver and cardiomyopathy, Pillay is a living miracle.

“I believe that I still have greater work to do. It was in January that a doctor told me that I had two months to live and yet I am gracefully here today. I want to continue with my philanthropy,” Pillay testified.
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‘Top Dan’, as he is affectionately referred to by his fans, opened up about the number of times he felt like giving up but was rescued by his wife’s undying love for him.
“If it was not for my beautiful wife, I would have given up and breyani would have been served long ago,” the much-loved DJ joked.
Speaking about her husband, Carol Pillay expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming love and support from friends, family and fans following a Facebook post by their 17-year-old daughter.
“We will be eternally grateful for the love, support, and prayers. No words can possibly describe our gratitude. I believe that there is still great work to be done by Neville,” she said. “Neville is in need of a kidney transplant and there are costs that go with it. It broke my heart when our 17-year-old daughter offered to donate her kidney to her father, in which the doctor replied and said that she is too young. We are in the process of perceiving if I am a match and if I can be his donor,” she expressed.
They are welcoming all donations and would also appreciate it if people could participate in a kidney transplant fundraising that will proceed to Neville’s medical bills.
“Our friends and family can be on the lookout on Neville Pillay’s Facebook page on where each of these events will be held,” she said.

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