It’s time to draw up your New Year resolutions

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Phoenix Durban

We are into a New Year: 2019.
It is time to reflect on our past and plan our future. We may have made mistakes previously, have regrets, and may have neglected certain goals that are important to us.
This time of the year provides us with the opportunity to draw up resolutions that will change our life for the better.
Here are some resolutions that you may consider for 2019:
Lead a healthier life. Eat healthy foods, exercise, monitor your blood pressure, sugar levels and cholesterol.
Give up harmful habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol excessively. You will also save money in this way.
Reduce your debts and consider ways of making more money. Start a savings account by debit order or increase the one you have.
Improve your qualifications and skills through studying and training opportunities. Focus on your career and where you would like to be on the corporate ladder in five or 10 years time.

Strive to be happy. Count your blessings instead of constantly bemoaning your fate. Engage with people who can make a positive difference in your life. Avoid gossipers, critics and fault finders.
Improve your mental abilities by reading, doing cross-word puzzles, playing chess, and other such games. This type of occupation will also help your relax more.
Meet new people. Know the people in your street through your neighbourhood watch network. Use every opportunity to make an acquaintance a friend. Friends make you smile, laugh and provide emotional support.
Be respectful and polite with all the people you encounter in your life. You will find that they will do the same.
Let go of past grudges and resentments. They are toxic to your health. Learn to forgive and reconcile.
Get more involved in your community, volunteer time and skills and contribute to making the changes that will make our world a better place.


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