JMPD Hotline to target Joburg’s high levels of reckless driving and by-law infringements 27…

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JMPD Hotline to target Joburg’s high levels of
reckless driving and by-law infringements
27 March 2019
Release: immediate
In order to make reporting reckless and negligent driving behaviour as well as by-law infringements
across the City of Johannesburg as easy to report as possible, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police
Department (JMPD) today launched the Buya Mthetho Hotline pilot project.
As the monthly release of these successes and challenges promotes the department to be proactive in its
public safety efforts, the Hotline pilot project will allow JMPD to do just that.
This hotline now allows residents to report reckless and inconsiderate road behaviour along with other
by-law infringements. They will be able to upload the footage onto the WhatsApp-based hotline
whereafter JMPD will follow up and take the necessary actions.
The launch of this pilot project is aimed at creating a safer City that is enhanced for all, especially since
reckless driving and driving under the influence has been at the top of the monthly transgressions.
On a daily basis, JMPD receives complaints of bad driving and blatant disregard of traffic laws and rules.
We also receive complaints on noise and other by-law infringements. The frustration extends to social
media where residents express their anger and frustration.
Often and unfortunately, these incidences are not reported to the correct authorities.
We encourage our residents to use the Buya Mthetho Hotline and report those that are endangering the
safety of others.
The hotline uses the WhatsApp platform where residents can:
 Take a clear photo or a video of the subject of complaint with registration number of the vehicle
and other relevant information;
 Upload to the hotline with a short description including date, time and location of the incident;
 Provide your name and contact details, which will be kept anonymous.

The photo or video must have been taken by the complainant themselves, and not forward photos or
clips taken by a third party or downloaded from other sources. The complainant must also be able and
willing to testify against the offender if required in terms of the legal process.
Once the complaint is received, JMPD will analyse the evidence and deal with it accordingly, including
submission of the complaint to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) for prosecution.
I hope that through this pilot project, we will be able to better design and implement a proper process to
deal with video evidentiary complaints by the public and that offenders will be dealt with accordingly.
The Reckless Driving Hotline WhatsApp number is 081 410 6338.
Voice complaints are still to be reported to JMPD on (011) 375 5911.
It is important to also state that residents should only record incidents when it is safe to do.
For media queries:
Luyanda Longwe
Stakeholder Manager: MMC for Public Safety
Landline: 011 758 9505
Mobile: 061 496 0536
Chantelle Fourie-Shawe
Media Specialist: Office of the Executive Mayor
081 546 1014

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