Join the ‘Walk for Health’ at 2018 Durban Wellness Festival

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Join the ‘Walk for Health’ at 2018 Durban Wellness Festival

Phoenix Durban

MEC of health, Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo (centre) together with Durbanites at the start of last year’s walk.

Diabetes is known as the tsunami of the 21st century, killing more people worldwide than Aids and cancer combined, and yet, many people know so little about this serious condition.
As most individuals only begin to look after their health when they have a scare and are forced to drastically stem their intake of fast food and begin exercising, the Durban Wellness Festival, supported by SASA, Lily and Clover Tropika Slenda, as well as the Protea Hotel by Marriott Durban Edward, has been created to show people that they can make positive changes before it is too late.
The Durban Wellness Festival takes place on Sunday, November 11, 2018 and the excitement is already mounting!
It is a celebration of all things healthy, with a 5km fun run/ walk, music, Zumba Bollywood style, yoga and a yoga laughter session and an expo that not only aims to raise awareness about the scourge of diabetes in South Africa but also to encourage people to look after the one thing that money cannot buy- their health.
Another aim of the walk is to encourage regular exercise, which helps keep blood sugar levels stable, reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases and improves one’s general well-being.
The Wellness Expo provides the opportunity for the public to have their blood pressure, blood sugar, eyes and feet tested on the day. It also comprises exhibitors from pharmaceutical, health, fitness and nutrition companies.
Taking place at the Durban Amphitheatre at the Bay of Plenty, the Durban Wellness Festival 5km fun walk will open for registration at 7am, at just R60 per person, and officially kicks off at 8am sharp with the cut-off at 10am.
The event lucky draw prizes take place thereafter from 10: 15am.
“It’s a fantastic event, which brings people together for one common cause – the fight against diabetes,” said Jenny Russell, the Durban branch manager of Diabetes South Africa.

She added that the main objective is to bring diabetes into the spotlight, in the hope that it gains the recognition it deserves, instead of remaining in the shadow of HIV, Aids and cancer.
When you have diabetes, your body is either unable to make enough insulin, or it is unable to correctly use the insulin it does make.
As a result, the glucose in your bloodstream cannot move into your cells to be used as energy and thus creates a build-up, resulting in high glucose levels.
Damage caused by elevated blood glucose levels is irreversible. Diabetes has been linked to cardiovascular disease, stroke, eye disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, lower limb amputations, sexual dysfunction as well as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
Worldwide, 425 million people have been diagnosed as diabetic as opposed to 35 million patients with HIV and 14 million with cancer.
Every six seconds a person dies from diabetes-related causes. Every 10 seconds two people develop diabetes and every 30 seconds, a lower limb is amputated worldwide due to diabetes related complications.
What is most startling, according to Russell, is that statistics show that at least 50 percent of those with diabetes are unaware of their condition.
Children are also not immune. Worldwide, every year, 70, 000 children under the age of 15 develop type 1 diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes in children is becoming a global public health issue with potentially serious outcomes.
Thirty percent of children born since the year 2000 are expected to become diabetic if lifestyle changes are not made.
Ninety-five percent of all diabetics are type 2 with 90 percent of all complications experienced by type 2 diabetics.
All proceeds generated from the 5km fun run/walk will go towards Diabetes SA Durban.
Please note that this organisation is a self-funding organisation and does not receive any form of government funding, and all proceeds raised go back into the education of this dreaded condition within KZN.
The Wellness Expo is free for the public to attend.
For more information regarding the event, contact Pat Bonini on 031 201-2169 during office hours or email: [email protected]

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