July 6th Friday Patrols Due to a family issue with the Coordinator of Patrols…

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July 6th Friday Patrols Due to a family issue with the Coordinator of Patrols…

July 6th Friday Patrols

Due to a family issue with the Coordinator of Patrols he was not available to do the coordination. The Friday Patrols was then cancelled by the Chairperson of VWNHW.
The co-ordinational duties was then given to another Patroller to ensure that there will at less be two Patrol Vehicles on patrol for the Friday Session by the Chairperson.
One Patrol Vehicle is not allowed due to no backup from a secondary vehicle for safety reasons. (?)

The one Patrol Vehicle then with three other Patrollers got together to decide if the Patrols would continue or not. It was decided to do an unofficial drive around the areas an to secure the area and check if there is any issues that might occur.
This in actual fact would be a residence monitoring of the areas and not a registered NHW Patrol.

The one Vehicle drove around to “Hot Spots” in the area and random roads.
After about 30min a Whatsapp Report came through and a second Patrol Car was activated. The two cars then radioed each other to confirm that they get together to decide to make the Friday Patrols a registered one.
7 Patrol Officials then had a Briefing to decide the way forward as to the registering of the Friday Patrol with SAPS and the acquisition of a Patrol OB Number from SAPS Manemberg. Patrol Bibs and Uniforms was then fetched and one car went to
SAPS Manemberg to register the Friday Patrol on an OB Number.

Upon leaving the Police Station, a man ran to the Charge Office to report an Accident in Modderdam Road opposite the Mosque at Waterberg Road at the Pedestrian Crossing.
People had gathered at the scene of the accident. VWNHW Officers Helped the Waterberg Street Watch in securing the area. The car had driven over the island and slammed into the guard railings spun around and landed on the other side of the road narrowly missing a car on that side. The driver was unhurt but the car a write-off. After SAPS arrived VWNHW Officials returned to their area to backup their colleagues busy with a suspect in the area but was told to stand down, all sorted.

At the Mall Bus Stop, a guy was seen standing alone, he got searched and a screwdriver and scissors confiscated. He got warned not to be loitering in the area. Later, a second guy too at the Mall Bus Stop, he said he was waiting for his girlfriend she’s at McD’s the Officers told him not to wait there but at the robots, Officers new him to be a regular in the area from Heideveld flats.

When on 1St Str Welcome Estate, a lone woman was seen walking on Vanguard Drive towards the Heideveld robots. She got interviewed and she said she was with friends but she didn’t like what they were doing and decided to hike back to Hanover Park from Goodwood. (12:30) She looked to be a druggie and or prostitute. She got sent on her way.

At the Vangate Mall entrants swivel gate 1 , a 18 wheeler truck&trailer was parked on the curb. The driver informed the Watch that while he was in the Mall, they stole 4 of the trucks batteries and he phoned his company to send replacements but they said they can not find the batteries in Johannesberg. While at the truck, there was two Homeless men there supposedly looking after the truck. The Watch checked them and found another man defecating in the ditch between the bushes there. All three men got searched for illegal objects and got told to vacate the area.
Random Patrols continued in both areas.

The secondary Patrol Vehicle then radioed that they will be signing off.
A coffee break was then had by the other Patrollers. (01:00)

Random Patrols followed in both areas. In 4th Avenue the Electricity Department was busy at the Sub-Station and they appreciated the presence of the NHW. They said that the Butcher at Barnies had an issue and one of the switches they had replaced kept on tripping resulting in some house blackouts.

In Aarde Street Vanguard Estate. Surrey Patrol was monitoring a resident pulling in his fleet of Taxis. The Surrey Patrol Officer acknowledged the VWNHW as they passed him.
To 5th Str. Officers observed 5 ladies and 2 guys walking towards Klipfontein Road while drinking beers from the bottles. The one guy said they escorting the ladies home to Surrey Estate. Two other guys then came from Klipfontein Road and they had an argument with the group on the pavement at the shops were the Armed Robbery took place at 10 pm Friday evening.
Another couple came walking down the road too, followed be a guy on a bicycle and a 3rd but he lives in 5th Avn Garden Village.
The smallest lady in the group was exercising profanities loudly in the street. The Patrol Cars Emergency Lights were on and this prevented further arguments as they dispersed to their various destinations. The street was then clear and the couple was at the corner of Heideveld and 5th Str. They said they are safe and of the Flats. All of these people knew one another.

Time was called for the session of Patrols.
Time off was phoned in to SAPS Manemberg, acknowledged by the Captain on duty.

The Community thanks the dedicated, loyal and steadfast Patrollers for availing themselves tirelessly for the safekeeping of their community.
All Officers returned to their respective homes safely!
(PS. an appeal to the residents of Vanguard and Welcome Estates to avail themselves for Patrols. Thank you)


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