Kajol Sewgobind- flawless from within

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Phoenix Durban

Kajol Sewgobind is the proud ambassador of Bollywood Light- a natural and holistic skincare product.

Offering women the confidence and self-esteem to feel beautiful and radiant in their own make-up free skin is the mission of local actress and model, Kajol Sewgobind, who is now the proud ambassador of Bollywood Light- a natural and holistic skincare product.
The beauty, who rose to fame after modelling for popular lifestyle magazine, FHM and starring in The Curse of Highway Sheila and more recently, ‘Broken Promises 4Ever’ where she bagged the lead role of Skyler, believes that every woman should be her own skincare expert.
Being the ambassador of the international product which was recently launched in South Africa has provided her with the freedom of not having to wear foundation and make-up while working on the set of Broken Promises 4Ever.
“When a person feels beautiful, it impacts greatly on every part of their life. You only have one body and you have the responsibility to take care of it,” she explained.

Sewgobind explained that Bollywood Light gives you glowing, natural, even toned skin that in turn results in confidence without having to hide behind a mask.
The actress discovered the product two years ago while on a trip to India and describes it as the best kept secret of Bollywood stars.
“The product can be used on all skin types, however, it is not recommended for pregnant women and diabetics. It must be used with SPF 50. Bollywood Light is not a skin lightening product, it simply brings one back to their natural skin tone. It works wonders and I guarantee that it will leave you feeling ‘flawless from within’ which is also its slogan,” she added.
Results can be seen within six months of regular use of the product.
To order the product, simply call 073-519-3381 and an agent will gladly assist. Delivery takes about five days.


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