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A convicted murderer gave chilling evidence in court on
Wednesday regarding the role she played in the murders of 11 people by an
alleged satanic cult in the Krugersdorp area.Marinda Steyn told the South Gauteng High Court in
Johannesburg how she participated in the brutal killings but denied that the killings
were satanic.Marinda, a former school teacher, is currently serving 11
life terms and an additional 115 years in jail. Her son, Le Roux Steyn, turned
State witness and is currently serving an effective 25 years. The two were
separately sentenced in May.Marinda’s daughter, Marcel Steyn, 20, Zack Valentine, 33,
and Cecilia Steyn have pleaded not guilty and are standing trial.The three were part of five alleged Krugersdorp killers
dubbed “Electus per Deus” (Chosen by God) who allegedly committed 11
murders between 2012 and 2016.Marinda denied that Cecilia was a satanist and the
ringleader of their group of friends who met regularly at Cecilia’s flat. She
also denied evidence given by witnesses, including Le Roux, that implicated
Cecilia in the 11 killingsAlleged ringleader had ‘accepted Jesus’She claimed that they met regularly as a group of friends in
Cecilia’s bedroom.Marinda described Cecilia as her best friend and said the
relationship was mutual.”I don’t think she was a satanist. It depends on how
you define the term. I know that she mixed with wrong people in school. At
school she was a rebel, she wanted to be like a rebel. She once beat a teacher
in school. I don’t think that personality continued after she got married.”Cecilia was a Christian. She accepted Jesus and really
knows God,” she said.She said at some stage, Valentine told her that she wanted
to kill Natacha Burger, who was a member of Overcomers Through Christ Church
who was being mentored by Pastor Reginald Bendixien. Burger was murdered in
October 2012.”I didn’t take him seriously at the time. Zack
(Valentine) and Mikeila (Valentine’s wife) later phoned me and said they have
killed Natacha together with an old lady. The old lady’s throat was slit. I
advised them to clean the scene and ensure that their car was taken for a
valet. I told them to ensure that no one knows about the murders.”‘I wanted to kill this man’She said she and Valentine had killed Bendixien because he
had manipulated her friend Ria Grunewald.Bendixien was killed in November 2012.”In my book he (Bendixien) was a bad man. I went to
Zack to help me kill Pastor Reg. I blackmailed him that if he didn’t help I
will tell people that he killed Natasha and an old lady.”Marinda and Valentine, who was dressed in a police uniform,
headed to Bendixien’s home in Honeydew and killed him.”Zack had an axe and was standing behind Bendixien
while I was talking to him. He hit him over his head with an axe and he fell. I
told Zack to stop because I wanted to kill this man. I lifted his jersey and
stabbed him in the stomach. I saw blood coming out and I went for his
throat,” she said.Marinda denied that Valentine allegedly killed Mikeila
because she wanted to quit their “group of friends”. Instead, she
said she was killed because she wanted to report him to the police and was
unfaithful.SOURCE: NEWS24


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