#KrugersdorpMurders – Cecilia Steyn says judge should call on God to testify – Krugersdorp News

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#KrugersdorpMurders – Cecilia Steyn says judge should call on God to testify – Krugersdorp News

Phoenix Durban

Cecilia Steyn in court this morning. Photo: Michelle Swart.

After concluding her pre-sentencing report on Valentine, the same social worker presented her report on Cecilia Steyn.
She visited Steyn in prison, twice, and also visited her ex-husband and parents to talk to them.
In her report, the social worker stressed that Steyn’s young children have been severely affected as their identities had become known and they were being harassed by other children and the media.
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The social worker explained that Steyn’s ex-husband still supports her emotionally and financially. He visits her often.
Her parents also say that they will stand by her and support her. During her upbringing, Steyn’s father was allegedly an aggressive type of person who abused his family physically and emotionally.
Although Steyn’s mother told the social worker that Steyn had finished Grade 12, Steyn said that her mother knows she was suspended in Grade 10 for using alcohol in school.
The statements made by Steyn and her parents are not the same, leaving the social worker unable to say which version is the truth.
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According to the social worker’s report, Steyn’s ex-husband described her as always being a straightforward person and a wonderful mother. He believes she has been framed and that there was not enough evidence in the case, and that is why she has been implicated.
The report states further that Steyn has managed to build positive relationships with some of the wardens and inmates in the prison where she is currently being held.
Steyn has also obtained three letters from fellow inmates to say how helpful she is.
The social worker said that she had never met someone so concerned with her children’s well-being.
Although Steyn felt caged when she first went into prison, she has now adapted. She does however still receive medication for asthma, epilepsy and a bleeding ulcer.
Steyn feels that the media had sensationalised the case and allegedly explained that it was as if the media was granted power to destroy people without knowing anything about them.
She did tell the social worker that the judge should call upon God to come testify if the court is not content with her version of events.
The State Prosecutor questioned whether the positive remarks were genuine, or were they another form of manipulation.
The Court adjourned for recess.

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