Lenarea Secondary scoops top award

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Lenarea Secondary scoops top award

Phoenix Durban

Chan Babulall, a teacher at Lenarea Secondary School, with his award for excellence in high school teaching.

Former ambassador of education to USA , Chan Babulall, serves at Lenarea Secondary School in Phoenix.
Babulall was commended by the MEC of KZN Education, National Department of Education officials and the South African Council of Education, at the Royal Show Grounds where he was conferred an award for Excellence in High School teaching.
Babulall boasts a track record of 100 percent passes in his Matric results since joining the teaching force with multiple distinctions.
He is so passionate about his teaching that he finds it hard to turn away pupils. Babulall recently taught a single matric class unit of 67 pupils and scooped meritorious results.
Currently, he serves as Board of Management at the Phoenix Child Welfare. He was also appointed to head of the Phoenix Youth Foundation.
He believes in holistic education and the development of talent in youth.
“Communities are becoming dysfunctional. Youth need to strive to champion a healthy environment around them. It is not where you come from, but where you end up. Designing life means designing personal success,” he said.

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Pupils in both senior, primary and high schools can look forward to exploring their potential by joining the Phoenix Youth Foundation.
Applications will be available at schools.
The 2019 calendar will run literacy programmes via drama, music, art and debate festivals, to identify rising stars. The foundation will provide support for coaching drum majorettes at schools.
The Phoenix Debating League is already empowering primary, senior and high school pupils with debate coaching and speaking skills.
Babulall said that the Phoenix Debating League has done us proud in 2018 after they won at Wits University and represented us at Croatia and Prague this year.
“I am a decisive element in the classroom. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. My daily mood that makes the weather. As a teacher, I possess the tremendous power to make a child s future. I am the instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate, hurt, humour or heal. But I choose everyday to touch one soul at a time to guide you to design your life,” Babulall said.

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