LIVE: DA councillor withdraws as attorney of record for small parties taking on IEC

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2019-05-11 13:00

The Electoral Commission of South Africa is set to announce the results of the 2019 general elections by late afternoon as vote counting is close to completion.

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The attorney acting on behalf of 35 small political parties that are threatening the IEC to force a rerun of the election, has withdrawn as attorney of record.

Hans-Jurie Moolman, who is also a DA councillor from Tlokwe in Potchefstroom, was helping the smaller parties find new legal council after withdrawing on Saturday.

This was confirmed by James Selfe, the DA’s federal executive chairperson.

Selfe previously told News24 that they were currently in discussion with Moolman because they believed he was conflicted.

Moolman also confirmed that he had withdrawn as the attorney of record, but maintained that he does not agree that there is a conflict of interest.

However, holding to professional ethics, “even a perception of bias that would impact on my integrity is enough for me to stand back,” he told News24.

While the ANC has taken North West, Limpopo and Mpumalanga as
expected, the Economic Freedom Fighters will feel they have scored
crucial victories in these provinces, growing their support to either
maintain or ascend to the official opposition for the next five years.

ANC has taken the Northern Cape with 57.54% of the votes, the North
West with 61.87%, Mpumalanga with 77.23% and Limpopo with 75.49% of
ballots cast.  

While the governing party has retained control of
these provinces, support for the black, green and gold has dropped
across the board.

Meanwhile, the EFF has not only made inroads at a
national level, but the party has grown across all provinces and is now
the official opposition in three provinces surrounding Gauteng to the
east, north and west of the province – Mpumalanga, Limpopo and North

Snapshot of Gauteng at 11:46am:

Only two voting districts out of 2771 are outstanding.

Total votes case: 4 353 429

Voter turnout: 68.29%

ANC – 50.19%

DA – 27.46%

EFF – 14.68%

FF Plus – 3.56%

IFP – 0.88%

ACDP – 0.71%

Gauteng, the richest prize in provincial politics, remains in the
balance as the ANC early on Saturday morning breached the electoral
threshold of 50% support.

With only a fraction of Gauteng’s 2 727 voting districts still outstanding, the state of play at 08:15 was:         

ANC: 50.05%        

DA: 27.63%

EFF: 14.61%

Freedom Front Plus: 3.61%

IFP: 0.87%

only parties that have increased their support since 2014 are the EFF
and the FF Plus, which will both have more members in the provincial
legislature than before.

The ANC (minus 3.6 percentage points) and the DA (minus 4.09 percentage points) have both lost support.

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