LIVE: #ZumaTrial – ‘This case is an intersection of law and politics’ – Zuma lawyer

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2019-05-20 10:00

Former president Jacob Zuma takes the plunge in what will likely be his final opportunity to dodge a series of corruption charges he has successfully sidestepped for more than a decade.

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Former president Jacob Zuma in court


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Jacob Zuma’s last gasp? What you need to know about the former president’s latest legal tussle

Former president Jacob Zuma will this week take the plunge in what will likely be his final opportunity to dodge a series of corruption charges he has successfully sidestepped for more than a decade.

Zuma is set to appear in the KZN High Court in Pietermaritzburg for four days this week when a full bench will hear his application for a permanent stay of prosecution.

If Zuma is successful he will be immune to these charges, which relate to alleged bribes paid to him by French arms company Thales – one of the successful contractors in the multi-billion rand “arms deal”. 

Thales is accused number two, while Zuma’s name tops the charge sheet. If this week’s application is unsuccessful, Thales will face one count of money laundering, two counts of corruption and one count of racketeering.


Ace’s ANC vs Cyril’s ANC 

“We treated our entrepreneurs and businesspeople… like enemies, and white monopoly capital, and all that. That must end today.” – President Cyril Ramaphosa, 26 October 2018

“We cannot allow a few of us to be co-opted into the power structure of the (mainly white) rich, while many (indeed most black and African people) still remain poor. We cannot defeat White Monopoly Capital by allowing it to co-opt us.” – Ace Magashule, 18 May 2019

Anyone still claiming that the ANC is united under President Cyril Ramaphosa must please explain how the two people quoted above can claim to work towards the same goal in the same organisation.

Reading ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule’s speech from the weekend’s Walter Sisulu memorial lecture, watching the hero’s “welcome” of Lindiwe Sisulu into the ANC Women’s League and listening to the attacks on the Zondo commission by Magashule’s storm troops made one thing abundantly clear: Ramaphosa’s got mutiny on hands.


‘Be strong my leader, this too shall pass’ Zuma shows support for Zandile Gumede 

Former president Jacob Zuma has shown his support for eThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede, and questions the motive behind the corruption charges.

Zuma who is also facing corruption-related charges in the Durban High Court has asked his comrade to be strong as “this too shall pass”.

Gumede appeared in the Durban Commercial Crimes Court on Tuesday facing corruption-related charges linked to a R208m tender with the Durban solid waste department.


Zuma will return to court with 3 arguments to end his prosecution. Will he succeed? 

The Jacob Zuma corruption trial will soon recommence in the KwaZulu-Natal High Court with his new legal team bringing three arguments in favour of a permanent stay of prosecution. It seems doubtful that they will succeed, writes Serjeant at the Bar.

The saga relating to the prosecution of Jacob Zuma is moving into a new but certainly not the last phase. An application for a permanent stay of prosecution of Mr Zuma will soon be heard in the KwaZulu-Natal High Court but again not without the negotiation of further procedural hurdles constructed by Mr Zuma’s new legal team.

Before we get to this latest issue, it is important to remind ourselves that, were the application to succeed, Mr Zuma would finally be off the legal hook insofar as this set of criminal charges against him are concerned.

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