Local Hero Shot A 32 yr old man from Whetstone has been hailed as…

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Phoenix Durban

Local Hero Shot

A 32 yr old man from Whetstone has been hailed as a hero after he went to the aid of a lady being robbed. A lady was robbed by 4 African males some armed with guns. She was pistol whipped and had her skull cracked open after the robbers beat the innocent lady.
A young man who witnessed this incident ran to her rescue and was seriously injured after he was shot in his leg. In the ensuing gun battle he managed to shoot one of the suspects.
The other robbers then bundled the injured suspect into a waiting car and took him to a clinic.
A brave resident followed the suspects handed over the information to the Police who later arrested the other suspects.
We are thankful for the our hero who risked his life And wish him a speedy recovery. He is presently undergoing surgery after the bones in his leg shattered.
KZN VIP Medical and Security transferred the injured to a medical facility for attention. Special thanks goes out to all the other security companies and CPF Members for their intervention.


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5 comments on “Local Hero Shot A 32 yr old man from Whetstone has been hailed as…

  1. Thanx everyone for ulls msg my son is recovering in hospital n da lady who he helped hoping for a speedy recovery n thanx to Glen n his team KZN VIP god is good

  2. Shenaaz indeed he is our local hero..putting his life in danger is indeed heroic..Lotsa of love your boy ..speedy recovery ..the community of whetstone and Fernham salute him..Speedy recovery

  3. Thank You Sir I salute you for your bravery & courage ,Thanks to Kzn Vip for their fast & efficient work ,We are so sick & tired of these blacks in our area robbing & attacking our people we have had enough now

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