Malvern woman stabbed in botched house robbery

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Malvern woman stabbed in botched house robbery

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Investigations are continuing at Malvern SAPS after a woman was stabbed and injured during a botched house robbery in the area, last week.
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According to communications officer of the station, W/O Radhika Marimuthu, the woman heard a noise in the lounge of her home and when she proceeded to the lounge, she noticed a man removing the television.

“When the suspect saw her, a struggle ensued between them. The suspect stabbed the victim and fled the scene with nothing,” added W/O Marimuthu.

Anyone with information regarding the incident can contact the Malvern SAPS detective branch on 031 489-9624/9629.

W/O Marimuthu once again provided the following safety hints to assist with avoiding a house break-in or house robbery:
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Avoid tall trees and shrubbery around the borders and entrances of your home.
Avoid chaining dogs if your property is fenced and the walls are high.
If occupants of a property are in a secluded part of the house away from the doors and gates, it is most prudent to keep these doors and gates locked and shut.
CCTV cameras around your property and at the entrances are a wise option if affordable.
Change your travel routes to and from home.
Always check the driveway and surroundings of your home before driving. If suspicious vehicles or persons are sighted, drive on, if possible to the nearest police station.
Activate house alarms before leaving and at night.
Always close all windows and lock all doors.
If going away, ask a neighbour or friend, to switch lights off and on and pick up mail.
Do not leave an away on vacation message on your answering service.
Don’t leave keys hanging on your doors or on hooks where they can be fished out easily.
Never leave tools lying around in your gardens as these can be used as weapons or to break in.
Pay attention to barking dogs as they can make you aware of a crime in progress.
Always keep your remote panic button close to you at  all times  as you can alert your security company easily  in the event of danger.
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