Manenberg saps need your help please Surrey estate murder

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Today Saturday 25 August 2018 at 04:00 a 70 year old male was found tired up and left for dead in his home.


Today Saturday 25 August 2018 at 04:00 a 70 year old male was found tired up and left for dead in his home.



SAPS members were alerted to murder scene in Orion Road Surrey Estate.


The 69 year old wife freed herself and ran to neighbours for assistance. This was after two unidentified persons entered their home through a front window in the early hours of Saturday morning 25 August 2018.


The window was forced open when the senior citizen couple was awaken.


They were threatened with violent injuries as the two persons searched the house for valuables.


Both the 69 year old woman and her 70 year old husband was tired up and beatened for a period of time.


It is alleged that the 70 year old male put up a fight to protect his wife and home and in the process was injured and succumbed to his injuries.


Paramedics confirmed the 70 year old had died before he could recieve medical treatment. The 69 year old woman was left with visible facial injuries and taken to hospital for treatment.


The suspects fled the scene taking a flat screen tv and a cellular phone.



A case of houserobbery with the intent to commit a crime and murder is opened for investigation.


Brigadier Enolium Joseph has deployed his serious violent crimes unit of Manenberg detective branch to investigate this incident and will leave no stone unturned using all his resources at his disposal.


This highly skill group of detectives have been working on this case since they were called to the scene.


Brigadier Joseph has said that a substantial financial reward will be offered, that will lead to the arrest and successful conviction of these perpetrators of this crime.



Attacking and murdering of our citizens in their own homes is a violation of their constitutional right of being safe in your homes. In this case where our most vulnerable person, our senior citizens are attacked and left for dead will not be tolerated and no stone will be left unturned to bring perpetrators to book.



Anyone with information regarding this incident can contact Manenberg SAPS 0216999400 or crime stop 0860010111.





Captain Bennett


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2 comments on “Manenberg saps need your help please Surrey estate murder

  1. The same thing happened in Bridgetown where a friend of Mines mom got beaten up in Duiker Road. The lady was 62….these a needs to be taught a lesson ?

  2. No respect for the senior citizens and decent people of this city. Crime is out of control and police needs more assistance! Sending prayers to those affected. These scumbags need to be taught a lesson. Don’t they respect their mothers and fathers and grannies and grandpas and older uncles and aunties!!!

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