Men watch out for these signs 3 indications that your woman is no longer interested in you

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3 indications that your woman is no longer interested in you

Sep 1, 2018 3:49 AM
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A quarreling couple. Women can give out signals when not interested in their men. [Ebony. com]

Relationships and love come with their own challenges. Love at times fade away and breakup is always the next thing and all these are caused by lack of commitment, unfaithfulness and can also come naturally. 

In some cases, women lose interest in their men and end up loving other men or decide to be single.

Men here are three signs that your woman is no longer interested in you;

1. Replying your messages in one word

Ladies love communication and a loving, happy and caring lady usually type long text messages with romantic content. 

However, when a lady replies your message with shortest words possible, it is clear that she is bored or something makes her unhappy and the best thing a man can do is to approach and ask her politely.

2. She no longer needs your help

It is common for ladies to ask for help from their boyfriends. Your girlfriend can ask you to drop her at her home or any other support whenever she is in need.

However, it is clear that your girlfriend is not interested in you when she refuses your help even when it is clear that she is helpless and you are willing to help just the way you are used to. 

3. She never apologizes 

This happens when she does not regret making mistakes or hurting you while in the past, she used to be quick to apologize if she has offended you in the slightest bit.

She would even say she is sorry to the extent of shading tears but now she cannot even say a word.


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