Mischka takes on Glow TV Uniworld pageant | Phoenix Sun

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Mischka takes on Glow TV Uniworld pageant | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

Mischka Inderpal has done Phoenix proud by becoming a finalist in the Glow TV Uniworld pageant.

Mischka Inderpal, a 23-year-old Bachelor of Commerce honours graduate, who hails from the esteemed community of Phoenix, was recently announced as one of the finalists for the Glow TV Uniworld pageant.
The family-orientated young woman comes from a close-knit and very supportive family.
“Being around my family keeps me grounded in all I that do. They are my support system. I relish being around my family and seeking guidance from them,” Inderpal said.
The young woman believes that education plays a vital role in achieving success.
She describes herself as an opportunity seeker and risk-taker who has an interest in trying new things, be it sport, dancing or makeup artistry.
Inderpal is also passionate about education and improving herself.
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“Education is one thing that cannot be taken away from you. It is the knowledge and tact you possess,” she proudly stated.
The reason behind why she joined the Miss Glow TV Uniworld pageant was because of the platform the pageant provides.
The pageant is not only based on physical attributes but also educates young men and women on the various topics that are affecting our society today.
“The pageant steers away from the norms of pageantry , highlights the worth and inner beauty while encouraging women to continue priding themselves,” Inderpal said.
Apart from pageants and school, Inderpal also takes time to help as many women and men as she can.
The beauty is excited to be one of the finalists.
“I am currently mentoring a female, who is battling with alcohol and doesn’t have an ID book. I met this young woman while I was a volunteer at a feeding centre in Phoenix. She hasn’t been able to find a job. I am helping her get her papers in order to become self-reliant. I believe that the way to change the world is to start within ones community, with one person doing one good deed,” Inderpal added.
She pleads with the members of the public to support her in the journey of touching more lives.


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