Morningside vendor’s hopes for dialysis dwindle | Berea Mail

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Morningside vendor’s hopes for dialysis dwindle | Berea Mail

Phoenix Durban

Shirley Pretorius and her beloved son Allan. Shirley is no longer able to work.

AN appeal to support well-known Morningside vendor Shirley Pretorius and her family while she is unable to work due to ill health, has been made to the local community.
In April this year Berea Mail published an article about Shirley’s battle with kidney failure and her long wait for intervention by the Health Department to enable her to start dialysis.
Following the article, Shirley reported that the Department of Health had arranged for her to see a doctor and that she had been told she was an excellent candidate for dialysis.
However, at the time she was informed that the earliest she would receive treatment would be July. Shirley said she was told she would be seen by the doctor every two weeks up until July to ensure her condition remained stable.
Speaking to Berea Mail this week, Shirley, said she had since been informed that she would not be able to start dialysis this month and that her next appointment with the doctor is in December. In the meantime, Shirley is too weak to work and there are concerns for her well-being and that of her family.
“I went to see the doctor last Monday, and there was no mention of when I will start dialysis. I collapsed in May and was taken to hospital where I was in a coma. I received two units of blood and was under observation. I returned home and have now been told I am only able to get another appointment in December,” she said.
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Shirley said she still had no kidney function and was taking it one day at a time.

“I am stable at the moment and am not pushing myself. I am not strong enough to work and Allan is going with a friend to sell dog blankets at our spot by Windermere Centre,” she said, adding that many people phoned to find out where she is. “We are really battling financially and are just managing to get by at the moment. The odd person has dropped in with meals for us, which has been wonderful. It is just very frustrating not being able to get out myself. It is as if the legs have been cut out from under me, I’m usually such an active person.”
Resident, Kerry Taylor, has been trying to raise funds for Shirley and her family, and after seeing the article in Berea Mail in April, committed to raise funds through the East Coast Radio Big Walk.
“I asked if people could donate R5 per kilometer as even this small amount makes a difference. I gave Shirley the money but there is still a big need and I have been trying to think of ways to raise funds for Shirley and her family. I feel if people who know her and Allan could donate even a small amount every month, it would help,” she said, adding that she felt schools in the area could also help by donating food items for the family.
If anyone can assist financially, donations can be made into the following account, which has been opened on behalf of the family: Steven van der Meer, Bank: FNB, Branch: Florida Road, Account number: 62649759472, Branch code: 250655.
For any donations of food or meals, contact Shirley on 072 806 1570.

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