Mother Rachel Mtshali shares how his son almost died | Westside Eldos

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Mother Rachel Mtshali shares how his son almost died | Westside Eldos

Eldorado park Johannesburg

Mother of the victim, Rachel Mtshali.

Communications officer from the Langlaagte Police Station, Constable Phumi Kraai, released the following report on July 30 about an incident which took place on Friday, July 19.
Kraai said in her statement: “The complainant alleged that he went to George Harrison Mining Site to sell two of his denim jeans when an unknown man approached him and started firing several shots at the complainant.
“The suspect is unknown and the motive of the shooting is unknown. The complainant was taken to Helen Joseph Hospital for medical attention.”
Rachel Mtshali, a resident from Riverlea and the mother of the complainant shares her side of the story. The complainant was identified as Gurshwin Mtshali (24).
Rachel explained what her son told her: “As my son was walking through George Harrison Park, the security of the mines stopped him and said he cannot cross through there, my son got into an argument with him and then there was another guy with that security guard who took out a gun and shot my son.
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“This guy was not a security, he was just with the security of the area. My son was with a friend who ran away from the scene. The area is very isolated and my son told me that he tried to crawl to the pavement and across the road is the BP Garage where one of the petrol attendants saw him falling, they came running and he told them that he was shot.
“The petrol attendants ran across the road to the Langlaagte Police Station, the police then came and they called the ambulance.”
The mother of the victim stated that Gurshwin and the security guard are familiar with each other as her son always passes through there and he sometimes sells goods to the security but he does not know who the guy was who shot him.
Rachel added: “The places that my son goes to is not okay but the fact that my son almost died there makes me realise the dangers of the mines in our area, what if my son just died there, we were not going to find him because we know that there used to be many bodies that were found that side, the Zama Zamas kill each other and so they could have also just buried my son there.
“The government needs find a solution to these illegal miners in our community because it’s not safe here for us residents of Riverlea.
“That guy shot my son in the chest and the doctors have been draining blood from him all weekend because the bullet is still inside of him. After they drain the blood they will scan and see where exactly the bullet is.”
According to the mother, there is an attempted murder case that was opened at the Langlaagte Police Station.
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