MS Dhoni Cricket Academy students to visit SA | Phoenix Sun

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MS Dhoni Cricket Academy students to visit SA | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

Members of the MS Dhoni Cricket Academy.

The MS Dhoni Cricket Academy students will be touring South Africa for 12 days this summer.
The MSDCA India South Africa Tour 2019 is organised and managed by Jeetendra Nath Pandey, owner of Rising Hope Sports Sansthan in India.
The MS Dhoni Cricket Academy is an institute of Aarka Sports, which comes from the simple thought of ‘giving back’ from MS Dhoni and Mihir Diwakar, and is set to transform the standard of coaching and development of cricket in India and abroad.
Equipped with all modern technology, high class coaching facilities and certified coaches, the academy is spreading its centres to every corner of India and abroad.
Aarka Sports, established in 2014, has focused on sports management and sports consultancy services in India and abroad.
It was founded by Mihir Diwakar, a sportsman himself. Diwakar was part of the India under 19 World Cup winning team, and he has performed at the highest level to relate to the needs and wants of sportsmen and sportswomen. Aarka Sports is his extension of creating excellence in sports.
Diwakar said, “We strongly believe that every child must get the opportunity to showcase his or her skills in different playing conditions. The MSDCA is formed with the sole objective of providing a platform to aspiring cricketers in the country through a structured programme and to help children learn cricket in a fun and engaging manner and shape them into quality sportspeople.”
He is very confident that a systematic learning programme will help teach the basics at a young age.

“With the right basics in place, a child can learn and adapt more easily and successfully to succeed in the different formats and different playing conditions in modern cricket. International cricket tours are part of our modern coaching philosophy at MSDCA. This year, we selected players, between the ages of 14 to 19, from centres in India and abroad, for the current South Africa tour,” he added.
MSDCA India is currently operational in 12 centres in India, two in Singapore and in Dubai, and will have 10 more centres operational by September 2019. It is aiming to cross 100 centres in India by 2020/ 2021.
With this aspiring objective and mission to provide quality coaching across India, the academy has organised seven days of cricket coaching clinics in 40 different cities in India and London, where children will be exposed to its coaching programme.
In total 5,000 children were trained under MSDCA in India and the United Kingdom.
The MSDCA coaching programme and coach development programme, is managed by Satrajit Lahiri, and Mandar Dalivi, who are BCCI and NCA level 3 and chief coaches in the academy.
MSDCA invests heavily in the training and development of its coaches, to ensure a high-quality training programme for participants in every centre in India.
The academy wants to spread structured and standardised modern cricket coaching across the globe and wants to create infrastructure and world-class facilities in India to expose children to different cricketing conditions and different cricketing formats for an advanced experience.

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