Murder case Athlone

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16h20 shooting incident (murder) Athlone cas /01/2019
Scene- Turf all raod Hanover Park
Victims: 1. Nabiel Rossio 37year old residing at Westridge Mitchellplain , shot 1 x in left arm, 2 x in right arm and 5 x in the stomach suspect is unknown at this stage,but according to information gathered was it the ghetto gang members.
Witnesses are 3 according to the witnesses was the victim a American gang member 26 and was the driver of the taxi. On Belgravia road 2 x suspects get on the taxi, as the drove their stop at the scrap yard at turfallraod where passengers as well as the suspects get of. The one suspect take out a fire arm and point the driver by not let him drove the other suspect then go around the taxi to the drivers side and start to shot him. Apparently the taxi owner was traced after the the victim was dropped at Hanover Park day hospital
1 xcartridge found in taxi at 4 diemanstreet grassypark. The motive of the shooting is gang related and AGU Detective will take the docket


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