Neighbours, we are all quick to blame the City of not working for us,…

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Neighbours, we are all quick to blame the City of not working for us,…

Neighbours, we are all quick to blame the City of not working for us, but they cannot work for us if we do not let them know what service or issues to address. So each one of us should take it up and log this C3’s if we see issues in our street or neighbourhood.

ℹ️Submit a service request online (C3)ℹ️

The primary goal of service requests is to ensure effective service delivery throughout Cape Town. If you would like to submit a service request, report a fault in your area or log an issue, you can do so via online service requests ( ), which replaces the C3 application.

ℹ️What you can request or reportℹ️

The City of Cape Town’s service request application ensures that you are able to report issues or send requests to the correct line department, such as:
• leaking water pipes;
• no power or electricity/ unscheduled outages;
• blocked stormwater drains;
• uncollected refuse or waste;
• tree removal and cutting;
• illegal dumping;
• noise nuisances;
• graffiti and stolen or vandalised City property;
• unruly or inappropriate behaviour;
• problem buildings; and
• speeding and traffic offences.
• Potholes
• Streetlights out.
• Vagrancy in parks.
• Park not been service
• Dumping

ℹ️How to submit a reportℹ️

Go to the service requests application ( ) and select the service request you would like to make using the drop-down menu.
Once you have made your selection, describe the request as thoroughly and accurately as possible by including as much detail as you can, as well as statements or comments from any third parties also involved.
Provide your current contact details. It is important that all of these details are correct, as the City may need to contact you about the status of your request. Once you have submitted your service request, you will be issued with a reference number.

?Please note: Please ensure that you do not lose your reference number, as you will need to give it to the City if you want to follow up on the status of your service request.?

CCT Service Requests

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