Nigerians building our country to the ground

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TIME: 00 h 40
What a lucrative business our refugee friends are running openly and without fear….
Selling DRUGS!!

Now…..I stopped 5 meters from them and parked….undeterred by my sudden presence, I monitored their operations…..within five minutes they sold drugs to 12 people..(drug users I assume)
8 were young appeared that they were under twenty five at least…..street dwellers included……this went on and on…no fear whatsoever…..

Fifty meters from where I was parked was a Public Safety Caravan and Patrol Vehicle…..
50 meters…..I have been observing this illicit deals now for months….
I must add that the SAPS do regular patrols on the Parade and surroundings….no problem there……
The reality is that they see the Police coming……and no drugs… of them just takes a casual walk away from the problem….when the Police leave in their Vans, they simply continue……

Now isn’t this nice?


  • If I can witness this drug sales within a few minutes, why can’t the Police?
  • If they are not scared or even concerned who see them, why is this so?
  • why is the selling of drugs so openly done despite the close presence of Public Safety Officials?
  • is it a concern for the City snd SAPS and if not, why not?
  • what is the purpose of the Public Safety Caravan on the Parade if it clearly don’t contribute to the prevention of crime, in this instance the very regular sales of illegal substances in full view of everyone..

Why can the Police not put Police Officers in plain clothes on the parade to arrest these arrogant foreigners selling drugs as if it is normal and legal to do so?

The use of Patrol Vans and cars serves no purpose as is evident by constant observation…..
If I can see these operations happening within ONE minute of arriving on the Parade, surely the Police will see it too….is this how SA hospitality is rewarded by these refugees?

But if I touch one of them, I’ll be homohobic?

Please SAPS, put your men on their feet..and do Policing…within days this problem will beca thing of the past….just a little effort…..even less than my own….
It is now 01 h 20…..drug shop still open….really now!!


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