‘No Excuse Pay Papgeld’ exposes irresponsible parents

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‘No Excuse Pay Papgeld’ exposes irresponsible parents

Phoenix Durban

Naresha of Verulam appeared on the first episode of the Papgeld KZN, last Tuesday.

Having first premiered on February 14, 2018 ‘No Excuse Pay Papgeld’ has branched out to KwaZulu-Natal. No Excuse Pay Papgeld is a reality show by Dstv’s new channel, Moja Love, on channel 157, which exposes parents who do not contribute to raising their children.
The reality show not only entertains viewers, but educates and informs mothers on how to get fathers to financially support their children.
The show also highlights the problems women and in some cases men, who are left to take care of their children alone face.
The first episode of the Durban, KwaZulu-Natal ‘No Excuse Pay Papgeld’ edition aired last Tuesday at 10pm, and showed a Verulam mother of three, who took on the father of her children on the show.
In light of this ongoing crisis and attitude where one parent does not financially support his/her children, the other parent may turn to the magistrate’s court for help.
Parents whether married, separated or divorced are required to pay child maintenance. The basic needs of children range between shelter, clothing, medical care, schooling and food, parents are obligated to pay maintenance until a child is self-supporting.
Mothers and in some cases fathers, who are taking care of their children alone can visit the magistrate’s court to apply for child maintenance.
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Parents who are taking care of their children can take the birth certificate of their children, their identity document, proof of residence, proof of monthly income and expenses, copy of bank statement, complete and submit form A and bring the personal details of the parent required to pay maintenance, such as their name, surname, physical and work address.
After submitting the required forms to the maintenance clerk, the forms will be reviewed and registered by maintenance officer.
A reference number will be issued and the court will serve a summon instructing the parent to cone to court on a specific date to discuss the matter.
The magistrate will then review the documentation, before deciding whether both parties are required to appear in court.
If the court finds that the parent of the child is liable for paying maintenance, the payments must be made. It is a criminal offence not to pay.
In cases where the parent does not pay, the other parent should lay a complaint at the maintenance office, bring records of payment and non-payment as proof.
The other parent can also request the court to get maintenance directly from their employer.
Parents supporting children on their own can visit the Verulam Court on 52 George Sewpersadh St, Verulam, 4340 or call 032-439-1711.

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