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Bipolar disorder can range from severe mania to severe depression. It affects people in different ways. The symptoms vary in their pattern, severity and frequency.

Men are not nearly as complicated as women when it comes to what they want in relationships. After interviewing hundreds of men to find out what men really want in a relationship, the answers are quite promising.

A woman of quality has taken the time to become who she is. She is generally focused on her own personal growth and has taken strides towards being the best she can be.

Rumination can intensify depression, lower self-esteem and impair your ability to process emotions. It can keep you socially isolated.

We post pictures on Facebook about places we’ve visited and anniversaries we’ve celebrated. The result of us not being willing to have the deeper conversations and ask for help is a divorce rate of over 50%.

As children, we read the fairy tales about the prince who finds his princess, they fall in love and live happily ever after.

As a matchmaker who has paired up hundreds of people across South Africa, I began to see a pattern of what works on a first date and what doesn’t.

Kas Naidoo is a matchmaker on a mission!

Music is fun for most people and will help a child to pay attention because it is like a game.

Depression may affect cognitive ability, which in turn affects the patient’s self-care ability. Other emotional conditions include anxiety, stress and distress.

Governing bodies are made up of the vital stakeholders at a public school. The principal, parents, educators, members of staff (non-educators) and pupils (at secondary schools) are the members of the SGB. Each constituency is elected from representatives from that constituency.


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