Passenger killed during a Golden Arrow robbery

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A man died after he was shot by robbers who boarded a Khayelitsha Golden Arrow bus posing as commuters.

Police spokesperson Andrè Traut said they were aware of two separate incidents of bus robberies in Khayelitsha on Wednesday.

One occurred in Lingelethu West, with Traut saying two suspects who were armed fled with cash and personal belongings of passengers and they are yet to be arrested.


“No injuries were sustained during the incident,” he said. Traut said in the second incident they were investigating a case of murder.

“During the second incident a man was shot on a bus and he (died).

“The circumstances are being investigated and a murder case was registered. The suspects are yet to be arrested.”

The Golden Arrow Bus Service (Gabs) said it was looking at a number of security measures to ensure the safety of passengers, which include security cameras, panic buttons and undercover operations.

The group’s corporate development manager, John Dammert, said the number of incidents was concerning.

There have been at least 20 bus robberies in the last seven months.

“We are only aware of the one incident. It happened around 11.30am where a robber boarded a bus with about 10 passengers and robbed the driver of his takings and passengers of their cellphones. Unfortunately, one passenger resisted and was shot in the chest.”

He said the suspect fled the scene and the driver drove to a day hospital to get medical attention for the victim.

The driver and passengers were given counselling.

“We have been in discussions with the directorate of safety and security of the city council and there has been negotiations. They are in an advanced stage. We will be in a position to make an announcement on safety measures (in due course).”

Dammert said the attacks were sporadic and they were trying to determine if there was a pattern.

“It’s opportunistic elements and they exploit the situation. We are gathering that intelligence and sharing with law enforcement and planning on trying to mitigate these. This is unprecedented and we are looking at dealing with this on all fronts.”

Dammert said a reward of R50000 offered earlier this year after a spate of attacks had not yet been claimed, and those with information that could lead to arrests should come forward.

“The reward is on the table but we haven’t had any news to us that would warrant anyone claiming that.”



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