Phoenix Child and Welfare Society opens new place of safety | Phoenix Sun

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Phoenix Child and Welfare Society opens new place of safety | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

President of the Phoenix Child and Welfare Society, Dr Muni Kooblal, Indian Consul General of India to Durban, Anish Rajan, vice-president of the Phoenix Child Welfare, Sham Maharaj, Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter, Ela Gandhi, deputy mayor of eThekwini, Cllr Fawzia Peer, founding social worker, Anu Yacoob, director of the Phoenix Child Welfare, Aroona Chetty, CEO of the Phoenix Sun Newspapers, Vijay Maharaj, and show promoter and businessman, Dave Dipooa, were some of the officials present at the launch of the new children’s home in Phoenix. These notable men and women opened phase one with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and broke ground on Phase 2.

Local entrepreneurs, business houses, well-wishers and philanthropists opened a state-of-the-art children’s home for the Phoenix Child and Welfare Society (PCWS) that was built to the tune of R2 million.
Phoenix Child Welfare strives to be the leading professional child welfare organisation championing holistic, quality, and integrated social development services to the communities of Phoenix and surrounding areas.
The organisation has over the past 38 years provided welfare services to the community of Phoenix and surrounding areas namely Mt Moriah, Mt Royal and other areas on its borders.
The society ranks among one of the largest welfare societies in South Africa. Their facilities include a welfare centre in Whetstone, where clients call for assistance on a daily basis.
Sod-turning ceremony: Some of the officials of the Phoenix Child and Family Welfare Society, businessmen and socialites stand on the new ground where Phase 2 of the children’s home will be built.
The Sahara, a place of safety for abused women and children, was established in 1994.
It takes care of 17 mothers, children and babies on a daily basis. The Rotary Home, which is a joint project between (PCWS) and Rotary Phoenix. The home currently takes care of four girls. The society is grateful to Rotary Phoenix for the facility and providing monthly necessities.
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Phoenix Child Welfare Society (PCWS) added another milestone to its string of achievements by opening a Children’s Home in Northcroft.

It is the first facility of this kind in Phoenix. The organisation thanks the community, donors and sponsors who ensure that the society continue to deliver much-needed services to mothers and children who are subjected to various kinds of abuse.
The launch, which took place at the home on Sunday, was marked by a thank you banquet showing the organisation’s gratitude to the donors and sponsors who made the opening of the children’s home possible.
It was well attended by religious leaders, government representatives, community leaders, socialites and the community of Phoenix.
President of Phoenix Child Welfare, Dr Muni Kooblal, said, “The Children’s Home Project will ultimately cost R6 million. Phase one of the Children’s Home will initially take care of six children although it is planned for eight children. Phase 1 costs R2-million. The society took an intra loan of from the Children’s Foundation to ensure this facility becomes operational as soon as possible. Donors contributed in cash and kind to ensure Phase 1 is operational on June 1, 2019. Phase 2 will cost R4m. Phase 2 of the project is gaining momentum as a number of business houses and community members pledged donations and support to the completion of Phase 2.”
Dr Kooblal concluded, “We have developed a wish list for Phase 2 so that people can sponsor towards accomplishing this project. We are confident that by the end of 2020, Phase 2 will be completed.”

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