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Sexual Assault Suspect Released Without Charge: Redcliffe – KZN

An Indian male suspect was released after the victim of a sexual assault case was discouraged by Police from registering a criminal case against him.

At approximately 15:18 today (Monday) the mother of a 16 year old girl contacted Reaction Unit South Africa after her daughter returned home from a friend’s house and appeared traumatized and withdrawn. She eventually informed her family that she was sexually assaulted. Reaction Officers and a female Medic proceeded to the residence and upon arrival the girl explained that while walking home from a friend’s house in Dawncrest when a man who is known to her stopped and offered her a lift.

She got into his vehicle and he drove towards her home. While driving he opened his pants and exposed his genitals. He then asked her to perform oral sex on him. After she refused he drove past her home and stopped on a dirt road where he grabbed her head and attempted to force her mouth onto his penis. After the victim continuously resisted he drove her back to her house and dropped her off on the side of the road.

While informing Reaction Officers and Medics of the incident the suspect made telephonic contact with victim’s family and apologized for what he had done and begged her not to report the matter. The Oaklands – Verulam resident pleaded with the family not to register a criminal case due to his wife being pregnant.

Reaction Officers apprehended the suspect (pictured in blue t-shirt) and while being interviewed he initially claimed that the victim had willingly performed oral sex on him. He later changed his version of events claiming that he had merely given her a lift. The suspect was transported to the Verulam SAPS by Reaction Officers.

According to the mother of the victim the Police interviewed her daughter and informed her that registering a criminal case would interfere with her studies as attending court was time consuming.

The Police then released the 24 year old suspect in her presence.


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  1. Omg such a sick k##t sies guys like this must go to jail if he can do this to a child he can do it to more girls and iruno y he was released our government is full of noneses WELL because there’s no space in jail so that’s why they easy let go of the sexual cake

  2. So this piece of sh!t gets away with a really sick deed on a really young girl…..come on guys this is when we must have street justice this psycho will definitely repeat this action whether now or later on.

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