Phoenix philanthropist to receive ‘Influential Woman of the Year’ accolade | Phoenix Sun

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Phoenix philanthropist to receive ‘Influential Woman of the Year’ accolade | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

Veerisha Singh is indeed a woman of worth.

Veerisha Singh, a Phoenix-born philanthropist and director of a medical service and supply company will be bestowed upon with the 2019 Influential Woman of the Year award, at Sibiya in June.
Singh, who has always been compassionate and concerned about those around her, pursued a career in nursing, where she would be able to take care and positively contribute to society.
The qualified nurse not only serves her community in the doctor’s room but out on the streets as well.
“I do my part in removing abandoned children off the streets and placing them in recovery homes. I have also gone as far as founding and running my own funded feeding scheme where I feed the poor and afflicted on the street,” she said.
She wears a number of hats and is also studying towards a Ph.D. in Nursing in an effort to further alleviate poverty and minister in her community.
The mother of three is the owner of JMD Medical Services and Supplies Company, where she mentors those, who are undergoing breast cancer treatment.
“I mentor women from the time of diagnosis to final healing and continuous support,” Singh said.
With many other duties upon her shoulders, Singh oversees that breast treatment and reconstruction runs smoothly in her breast care clinic.
Even with all she does for others, Singh was not spared from life’s turbulence. “It was in 2016 where I had several operations in the space of two years. I walked the toughest of battles, I had some of my organs removed. It was during that same year that I chose those closest to my heart,” Singh said.

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Possessing the spirit of gratitude that she does, Singh continued to count her blessings.
“I was determined to be grateful and fight for the life I have. Through retaining the spirit of gratitude, I have risen to higher heights spiritually, mentally and physically,” Singh said.
Opening up about what she was grateful for in her younger years, Singh mentioned that she was grateful for the times she was crowned in pageants.
“This was an extraordinary journey for me, as a young woman. I had joined the world of beauty pageants and got crowned on so many levels, while I grew in my nursing career at the same time,” Singh explained.
She also expressed gratitude for her three beautiful and loving husband.
“I am grateful for my one boy and two girls, as well as Veron, my dear husband. I am determined to be grateful for the life I have. Gratitude has raised my spirituality and mentality to greater heights. I would also like to express my gratitude to Big-M Productions and Mrs Pinky Mothie for being so phenomenal and inspiring,” Singh concluded.

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