Phoenix resident’s faith restored along with stolen bicycle

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Phoenix resident’s faith restored along with stolen bicycle

Phoenix Durban

The armed response officer together with owner of bicycle, Collin Naidoo.

A Phoenix man has praised an armed response officer for coming to his rescue and recovering his stolen bicycle in Glen Ashley, yesterday.
Community and media liaison officer of Blue Security, Andreas Mathios said the officer went in search of the suspect and the bicycle when a passerby alerted him to the bicycle theft that had just taken place.
The officer went to speak to a security officer, who advised him that a vagrant had stolen the bicycle off the back of a bakkie and fled the scene.
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The officer patrolled the area in search of the suspect and found the stolen bicycle where it had been abandoned in a nearby park. 
Owner of the bicycle, Colin Naidoo, a self-employed carpenter, said he had parked his bakkie with the bicycle strapped onto the back of the vehicle and gone into the shop.
“When I came out of the shop, I saw the guy riding off and I got into my bakkie and tried to chase him but he disappeared,” Naidoo said.

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Naidoo, who rides his bicycle every day, said he went to work ‘heartbroken’, thinking that he would never get it back, but he was ‘over the moon’ when he received the call to say that his bicycle had been recovered.
He had left his contact details with with someone at the supermarket.
“I have had this bicycle for over ten years and you can imagine with the way the country is financially, it’s not easy to go and buy a bike. I would like to thank Blue Security for being so fast,” he added.
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