Phoenix residents living in terror as robbers run rampant | Phoenix Sun

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Phoenix residents living in terror as robbers run rampant | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

Phoenix SAPS have been inundated with the reports of house robberies and are warning residents to remain vigilant and be wary.
In the first incident, the victim was alone in her Siclewood home when she heard noises coming from the kitchen. Upon investigation, she discovered her nephew, who threatened her with a knife.
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The suspect then went about stealing items as he took a black plastic rubbish bag and filled it with clothing, a camping light and Bluetooth speaker.
The suspect damaged a burglar guard in the bedroom and threw out the plastic bag containing the stolen items. He then removed a Sony tech television from the wall and packed it in another plastic bag.
During the incident, neighbours had heard the complainant’s screams and called the police and surrounded the house.
Cpt Louise Naidoo, communications officer of Phoenix SAPS, said, “The suspect was arrested inside the house by Sgt Cebekhulu. The scene was attended by the Trio Crime Unit. Cnst Mtgwabe dusted for fingerprints.”
In another incident, a complainant at Spring Manor reported that three unknown men derailed the gate to her home and forced their way onto her property. Two of the men carried hand guns while one was armed with a rifle.
The men entered the house and threatened the victim with firearms and demanded cash before ransacking the home.
Items taken included R1, 500 in cash, a Hisense 55 inch television valued at R10, 000 and jewellery of unknown value.
Cpt Naidoo said, “The crime office and Trio Crime Unit attended the scene. Cnst Mgwabe was called in to uplift fingerprints and do touch DNA testing.”

In the third incident, the complainant said at about 4:30am, she woke up to use the bathroom and noticed a light shining in her passageway. She ran to her bedroom and locked herself in and pressed the panic button.
At this point, the suspects kicked the door open and began assaulting the complainant, demanding she switch the alarm off. The suspects were two men, one wearing a maroon T-shirt and the other wearing a black T-shirt.
The suspects ransacked the house and took R800 cash, a gold chain, two handbags, and a hair iron valued at R3,000.
She said, “The suspects fled on foot. No weapons were produced during the incident. They gained entry into the home by damaging the front sliding door and cutting the burglar guard with an unknown object.”
In the fourth incident, an Oakside home was robbed. The complainant alleges that at 3am he was asleep in bed with his wife when he suddenly heard a loud bang. His bedroom door was forced open.
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He noticed four men, two armed with firearms, and one with a knife. The suspects ransacked the home and took items including clothing, R600 in cash, a Samsung television, a kettle, a DVD player, two cellphones and the homeowners Nissan NP200.
Cpt Naidoo concluded, “The total value of items stolen is about R150, 000. The vehicle was not fitted with a tracker. There were no cameras on the premises. No shots were fired during the incident.”

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